Social – Economic Empowerment

Social – Economic Empowerment

After the genocide perpetrated against Tutsis, genocide survivors were left with psychophysical wounds and almost total destruction of family belongings; this continuously impacts their journey towards socioeconomic resilience. Under social Economic empowerment, GAERG focuses on:

Enterprise development

GAERG works to create opportunities for capacity enhancement of its members and beneficiaries in terms of knowledge on Work readiness, Financial fitness, financial linkages; selection, planning, and initiation of income-generating activities (SPI of IGAs), provision of seed capital through guarantee funds. At the community level, GAERG supports financial literacy and promotes a saving culture among members and the most vulnerable beneficiaries through community-based saving groups. GAERG supports and groups together its beneficiaries at the community level to get together in cooperatives for leveraging on existing government’s supported social protection programs to fund their projects.

Mentorship and employment linkages

GAERG breaks the intergenerational gaps by linking members from one generation to others, this creates the opportunity to grow the competitive spirit, and positive and preferable attitudes for both employment and the business environment. Mentors share expertise with mentees and boost their confidence as well as career accompaniment. GAERG supports graduates to get a professional internship, career opportunities, and mentorship which increases their chances of career growth.


Capital formation and member’s Investment

GAERG brings members together for capital accumulation to invest in strategic country business fields. This increases member’s business competitiveness, boosts capital and creates business and employment opportunities for new career entrants.