GAERG is an organisation Founded by Rwandan Graduates Genocide Survivors.
Our mission is to create a World where the memory of the genocide against Tutsi is preserved Read More

This Is Our Story


Founder Members

Are those that have signed the present statute of our organisation.  

Ordinary Members

Are those who have accepted GAERG statute and accepted after a written application by the…

Honorary members

Are all physical and moral persons whom the General Assembly will give that title in…


General Assembly The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the Organisation. It is composed of at least five member’s representatives of each family in GAERG. Board of Directors The members of the Board of Directors are elected among effective members of the Organisation for a mandate of two years renewable once. Our Board of Directors is composed of: - President: Legal Representative; - Vice-President: Assistant Legal Representative; - Secretary General and eight Commissioners Family Representatives: The Family Representatives organ is composed by all representatives of families of GAERG, among them is elected the President, the Vice President and Secretary. The committee of family representative’s organ is approved by the General Assembly for a mandate of two years renewable once only. Auditing Committee: The General Assembly nominate five auditors with the mission to control all the time the management of finances and other assets of the organisation but also in charge controlling the programmes of the organisation. Arbitrary Committee: The General Assembly nominate the arbitrary committee composed of three persons in charge of preparation of elections of members of board of Directors and the mediation in case of disagreements within the organisation.

Our Families

The family is the foundation of the organisation. It is composed of a group of members including two representatives of the family. All members of the GAERG are grouped into families, with a father, a mother and children. This model of grouping them into families came as a mechanism of covering the gap of parents by enabling orphans to raise their peers.


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What is genocide? A definition… Genocide is an effort to destroy an entire group of people based on…


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