Healing and Education

Healing and Education

The programme is dedicated to educate and raise awareness on post traumatic disorders by increasing knowledge on trauma related issues and contribute to the effective prevention of trans-generational trauma.

Through this programme, the community is trained on facilitating dialogues on psychological wounds, basic knowledge on lows and rights and families set a day of self-help groups.

Healed community members are empowered to manage their personal wounds to prevent Trans-generational trauma and start playing positive role in transformation of their communities and society at large.

– Healing Initiative
– Uruhongore Youth Camp
– Get Together Initiative

GAERG has thought of something that will have a unique character of bringing together its members, to let them know each other and increase their level of relationship through a social and entertaining event which might be different from the current ones.

An idea comes up and GAERG decided to organize “Get Together Initiative” which is football events with organised tournament that brings together GAERG families.

Under the organisation mission, within our families’ philosophy, and the idea behind the concept, we keep in mind that for GAERG members playing football is not about winning games; it is about winning back their lives and joint efforts to sustain their future aspirations as brothers and sisters.

The objectives of “Get Together Initiative” is to build tight relationship between GAERG members and bring together different generations for networking and mentorship purposes.

Get Together Initiative attracts all GAERG families, but because some families can’t form a team with their members themselves, two to three Families are joined together to form a team this helped to ends up with 32 teams.

After the match, there is an interactive discussion that brings all participants, the discussion is be about “Connecting Generations | Guhuza Urungano”, during the discussion families are encouraged to work together in order to improve their lives.

– Outreach Initiatives


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