Would you like to volunteering with GAERG or getting experience from professionals? You are most welcome! Doors are open for you!

Not only can you support us through donations, but you can offer your time through the volunteer programme. Volunteering work is open to both national and international community. Here at GAERG, we see the importance in community outreach in Rwandan Community. GAERG staff members work very hard to provide a multitude of services the Rwanda society mainly the survivors of the Genocide against the Tutsi. We encourage you to volunteer with us to expand your field experience and make an important impact on the population. Volunteering with us will grow from this exchange opportunity by learning about Rwandese culture and coming to understand the organization by observing and participating in the work of GAERG programmes namely:

• Genocide Prevention Programme
• Healing and Education Programme
• Social – Economic Empowerment Programme
• Research and Advocacy Programme

The aforementioned programmes are combined in our seven commission, in which you can volunteer, those are:

• Commission in charge of information and mobilization.
• Commission in charge of Protocol and Diplomacy.
• Commission in charge of finance and production
• Commission in charge of discipline and security.
• Commission in charge of social affairs.
• Commission in charge of Education.
• Commission in charge of Justice.
Are you from abroad and worried about how you will manage living in Rwanda?
Just feel at home with GAERG.
When you volunteer with GAERG it is possible for the organisation to provide you with transportation.

The following are a number of volunteer opportunities to consider:
• School visits | Community Outreach
• Home visits with beneficiaries | Genocide Survivors
• Networking with stakeholders, local volunteers and partner organisations
• Vocational training sessions
• Communication Management
• Web graphic and Design
• Group counselling sessions
• Individual counselling sessions
• Retreats with the children or youth during their holiday period
• Computer lessons
• Construction and rehabilitation of children’s homes
• Administrative aid
• Fundraising training
• Project Design
• Project designing and management
• Website and social media management
• New partnership proposals and planning

Please apply using either the English or French form below. You may either print the PDF application and send it to our office or email us for a Microsoft Word version that you can return via email when completed.

GAERG Volunteer Application | English | Pdf

GAERG Volunteer Application | English | Word