Healing And Education

Healing And Education

Psychosocial support to genocide survivors

GERG works in synergy with partners including the government of Rwanda to build members’ capacity in terms of skills, tools, and techniques to provide a response to the unique psychosocial needs of members and beneficiaries. The artificial family acts as the socio-reintegration platform for members.

Legal support to members and beneficiaries

GAERG supports members and beneficiaries who have genocide-related judicial cases, these cases are mostly linked to land, properties, and inheritance disputes. The support from GAERG is in terms of understanding cases, processes, legal advisory, and beneficiary’s accompaniment.

Documentation of the genocide perpetrators

Genocide perpetrators are hidden, have forged their new identities and some even live happily in many countries around the world. GAERG work with other anti-racism and anti-genocide movement around the world to reveal penetrator’s real identities, profiles, niches and crimes and advocate for their host countries to send them to Rwanda to face justice for their crimes.